Judge Not Unless Ye Be Judged

L-rd we tend to look at people in judgment: By their so called bad habits, without knowing their personal lives, or the struggles they are or have been going through.
Everyone has a story to tell of their joys, hurts or the struggles they go through. The events through out their lives that made them who their are and how their lives were shape them inward and their outward personalities.
Actions speak louder than words,  pointing fingers never do any good. We are told to clean up our own messes not someone ease's.  We are told to stand in the gap.
We all need to look pass what we see on the outside, take the time to see one's heart.
We are all called the children of G-d, and were made beautiful in His eyes. Each one as a individual and unique personality. He knew us well we were yet in the womb!
We are here to serve Him and to glorify Him through our words and actions, not judging but loving everyone for we are all brothers and sisters in the L-rd.
We are all accountable for ourselves, He is the ONLY Judge. The Good Book says we are to stand in the gap, interceding, praying and encouraging them. There is no fishing in the sea of forgiveness, mankind might remember but once forgiven G-d has put it all under the blood, and forgets as far as the east is from the west.
We all walk in different paths, so until you have walked in their shoes, judge not!
Remember one is only accountable for their own actions, and everything one does or says to another  --- the Father says you do it onto Him.  Just think about that - if I criticize you for anything or say things that hurt your feelings ---- I am doing it also to the Father!
That in its self teaches me to think before speaking.

The Lost Years of Y’Shua

Ancient scrolls reveal that Y’Shua spent seventeen years in India and Tibet
From age thirteen to age twenty-nine, he was both a student and teacher of Buddhist and Hindu holy men
The story of his journey from Jerusalem to Benares was recorded by Brahman historians                                               
... He passed his time in several ancient cities of India such as Benares. All loved him because Issa dwelt in peace with Vaishas and Shudras whom he instructed and helped. But the Brahmins and Kshatriyas told him that Brahma forbade those to approach who were created out of his womb and feet. The Vaishas were allowed to listen to the Vedas only on holidays and the Shudras were forbidden not only to be present at the reading of the Vedas, but could not even look at them.
Issa said that man had filled the temples with his abominations. In order to pay homage to metals and stones, man sacrificed his fellows in whom dwells a spark of the Supreme Spirit. Man demeans those who labor by the sweat of their brows, in order to gain the good will of the sluggard who sits at the lavishly set board. But they who deprive their brothers of the common blessing shall be themselves stripped of it.
Vaishas and Shudras were struck with astonishment and asked what they could perform. Issa bade them "Worship not the idols. Do not consider yourself first. Do not humiliate your neighbor. Help the poor. Sustain the feeble. Do evil to no one. Do not covet that which you do not possess and which is possessed by others."
Many, learning of such words, decided to kill Issa. But Issa, forewarned, departed from this place by night.
Afterward, Issa went into Nepal and into the Himalayan mountains ....
"Well, perform for us a miracle," demanded the servitors of the Temple. Then Issa replied to them: "Miracles made their appearance from the very day when the world was created. He who cannot behold them is deprived of the greatest gift of life. But woe to you, enemies of men, woe unto you, if you await that He should attest his power by miracle."
Issa taught that men should not strive to behold the Eternal Spirit with one's own eyes but to feel it with the heart, and to become a pure and worthy soul....
"Not only shall you not make human offerings, but you must not slaughter animals, because all is given for the use of man. Do not steal the goods of others, because that would be usurpation from your near one. Do not cheat, that you may in turn not be cheated ....
"Beware, ye, who divert men from the true path and who fill the people with superstitions and prejudices, who blind the vision of the seeing ones, and who preach subservience to material things. "...
Then Pilate, ruler of Jerusalem, gave orders to lay hands upon the preacher Issa and to deliver him to the judges, without however, arousing the displeasure of the people.
But Issa taught: "Do not seek straight paths in darkness, possessed by fear. But gather force and support each other. He who supports his neighbor strengthens himself
"I tried to revive the laws of Moses in the hearts of the people. And I say unto you that you do not understand their true meaning because they do not teach revenge but forgiveness. But the meaning of these laws is distorted."
Then the ruler sent to Issa his disguised servants that they should watch his actions and report to him about his words to the people.
"Thou just man, "said the disguised servant of the ruler of Jerusalem approaching Issa, "Teach us, should we fulfill the will of Caesar or await the approaching deliverance?"
But Issa, recognizing the disguised servants, said, "I did not foretell unto you that you would be delivered from Caesar; but I said that the soul which was immersed in sin would be delivered from sin."
At this time, an old woman approached the crowd, but was pushed back. Then Issa said, "Reverence Woman, mother of the universe,' in her lies the truth of creation. She is the foundation of all that is good and beautiful. She is the source of life and death. Upon her depends the existence of man, because she is the sustenance of his labors. She gives birth to you in travail, she watches over your growth. Bless her. Honor her. Defend her. Love your wives and honor them, because tomorrow they shall be mothers, and later-progenitors of a whole race. Their love ennobles man, soothes the embittered heart and tames the beast. Wife and mother-they are the adornments of the universe."
"As light divides itself from darkness, so does woman possess the gift to divide in man good intent from the thought of evil. Your best thoughts must belong to woman. Gather from them your moral strength, which you must possess to sustain your near ones. Do not humiliate her, for therein you will humiliate yourselves. And all which you will do to mother, to wife, to widow or to another woman in sorrow-that shall you also do for the Spirit."
So taught Issa; but the ruler Pilate ordered one of his servants to make accusation against him.
Said Issa: "Not far hence is the time when by the Highest Will the people will become purified and united into one family."
And then turning to the ruler, he said, "Why demean thy dignity and teach thy subordinates to live in deceit when even without this thou couldst also have had the means of accusing an innocent one?"
From another version of the legend, Roerich quotes fragments of thought and evidence of the miraculous.
Near Lhasa was a temple of teaching with a wealth of manuscripts. Y’Shua was to acquaint himself with them. Meng-ste, a great sage of all the East, was in this temple.
Finally Y’Shua reached a mountain pass and in the chief city of Ladak, Leh, he was joyously accepted by monks and people of the lower class .... And Y’Shua taught in the monasteries and in the bazaars (the market places); wherever the simple people gathered--there he taught.
Not far from this place lived a woman whose son had died and she brought him to Y’Shua. And in the presence of a multitude, Y’Shua laid his hand on the child, and the child rose healed. And many brought their children and Y’Shua laid his hands upon them, healing them.
Among the Ladakis, Y’Shua passed many days, teaching them. And they loved him and when the time of his departure came they sorrowed as children.

Eleazar A Faithful Man

The tyrant of Syria, whom some called Epiphanes, The Madman. Roman history of the first centuries records two such tyrants – the other, Caligula, the Second Brilliant Madman.
At a time when our fathers enjoyed great peace through the due observance of the Law, and were in happy case, so that Seleucus Nicanor, the king of Asia, sanctioned the tax for the Temple-service and Apollonius, the governor of Syria, being loyal to the king when to rob the treasuries of Jerusalem, and made his way into the temple to violate all that was in it. Upon Seleucus death, his son Antiochus Epiphanes became his successor and he made his brother, Jason, the new high-priest with the purpose of collection 3660.00 talents a year from him. He plundered the city and also made a decree denouncing the penalty of death upon any who should be seen to live after the Law of their fathers. This shows the details of the successive tortures (suggesting the instruments of the Spanish Inquisition centuries later) and with this narrator conjures Courage. Have we learned from the past or advanced in its tactics?
Males what were circumcised and their mothers were flung, together with their offspring, headlong from the rocks. Circumcision was a covenant to be ye separate unto G-d.
Jason personally tried to force by tortures each man separately to eat unclean meats and thus abjure the Jewish religion. His guards were ordered to drag every singles man of the Hebrews and compel them to eat swine’s flesh and things offered to idols; but if any should refuse to defile themselves with the unclean things, they were to be tortured and put to death.
One man first from the mass of people was a Hebrew whose name was Eleazar, a priest by birth, trained in knowledge of the Law, a man advanced in years and well known to many of the tyrant’s court for his philosophy ‘having accepted the Divine Law and the obedience to the Law, not even so would it be right for Believers to destroy their reputation for faithfulness. Think it not a small sin for us to transgression of the Law, be it in small things or great, is equally terrible; for in either case equal the Law is unloved by many. If we were living in a manner contrary to reason, not so, for the Law teaches us self-control, so that we are masters of all our pleasures and desires and are thoroughly trained in manliness so as to endure all pain and readiness; and it teaches justice, so that with all our various dispositions we ace fairly, and it teaches righteousness, so that with due reverence we worship only the G-d who is. Believing in the Law, to be given by G-d, we know also that the Creator of the world, as a Lawgiver, fells for us according to our nature. He has commanded all of us to eat the things that will be convenient for our souls, and He has forbidden us to eat that which would be the contrary. ”
Eleazar told his tormentors, “I am not so unmanned by old age but that when righteousness is at stake the strength of youth returns to my Reason. So twist hard your racks and blow your furnace hotter. I do not so pity mine old age as to break the Law of my fathers in mine own person. Clean shall my fathers receive me, unafraid of thy torments even to the death.”
The gently spirited old man, shows such fortitude it seems like an inextinguishable fire!
They first unclothed the old man, who was adorned with the beauty of holiness. Then binding his arms on either side they scourged him. But the great-souled  and noble man, an Eleazar in very truth, was no more moved in his mind than if he were being tormented in a dream; the old man keeping his eyes steadfastly raised to heaven suffered his flesh to be torn by the scourges till he was bathed in blood and his sides became a mass of wounds; and even when he fell to the ground because his body could no longer support the pain he still kept his Reason erect and inflexible.
With his foot then one of the cruel guards as he fell kicked him savagely in the side to make him get up. But he endured the anguish, and despised the compulsion, and bore up under the torments, and like a brave athlete taking punishment, the old man outwore his tormentors. The sweat stood on his brow, and he drew his breath in hard gasps, till his nobility of soul extorted the admiration of his tormentors themselves, and stopped. To this Eleazar said: “O minions of the tyrant, why pause ye in your work? Contrary to Reason, were it for us, after living unto the truth till old age, and guarding in lawful guise the repute of so living, now to change and become in our own persona a pattern to the young so impiety, to the end that we should encourage them to disobey the Law, shame be if we should live on a little longer, curing that little being mocked of all men for cowardice, and while despised by the tyrant as unmanly should fail to defend the Divine Law unto the death.” They seeing him thus triumphant over the tortures and unmoved even by the pity of his executioners, dragged him to the fire, where they cast him on it, burning him with cruelly cunning devices, and they poured broth of evil odor into his Nostrils, but when the fire already reached to his bones and he was about to give up the ghost, he lifted up his eyes to G-d and said: Thou, O G-d, be merciful unto Thy people, and let our punishment be a satisfaction in their behalf. Make my blood their purification, and take my soul to ransom their souls.” And with these words the holy man nobly yielded up his spirit under the torture, and for the sake of the Law held out by his Reason even against the torments unto death. His Reason having conquered his passions, we properly attribute to it the power of commanding them for it conquers pains that come from outside ourselves, neither does it surrender to them.
Eleazar though buffeted by the threats of the tyrant and swept by the swelling waves of the tortures, never shifted for one moment the helm of sanctity until he sailed into the haven of victory over death. O priest worthy of thy priesthood, thou didst not defile thyself! Such should those be whose office is to serve the Law and defend it with their own blood and honourable sweat in the face of sufferings to the death.
So the son of Aaron, Eleazar, being consumed by the melting heat of the fire, remained unshaken in his Reason. O blessed age, O reverent grey head, O life faithful to the Law and perfected by the seal of death! Not all men are masters of the passions because not all men have their Reason enlightened. But as many as with tier whole heart make righteousness their first thought, these alone are able to master the weakness of the flesh, and live unto G-d.
Therefore, there is nothing contradictory in certain persons appearing to be slaves to passion in consequence of the weakness of their Reason, having put his trust in
G-d, and knowing that it is a blessed thing to endure all hardness for the sake of virtue, would not conquer his passions for the sake of righteousness?
How the Law was loved! To Believers it seems to hard to follow and understand, famous saying is ‘we are not under the Law but under grace.’
What is grace with out instructions to live righteously?
Do we believe in anything enough to lay down our lives for it?


Our for-fathers fought for what was right (Marters for the L-rd)!
Do not be workers of iniquity, stand and be counted for rightcusness!
1Mac. 2
[1] In those days arose Mattathias the son of John, the son of Simeon, a priest of the sons of Joarib, from Jerusalem, and dwelt in Modin.
[2] And he had five sons, Joannan, called Caddis:
[3] Simon; called Thassi:
[4] Judas, who was called Maccabeus:
[5] Eleazar, called Avaran: and Jonathan, whose surname was Apphus.
[6] And when he saw the blasphemies that were committed in Juda and Jerusalem,
[49] Now when the time drew near that Mattathias should die, he said unto his sons, Now hath pride and rebuke gotten strength, and the time of destruction, and the wrath of indignation:

[50] Now therefore, my sons, be ye zealous for the law, and give your lives for the covenant of your fathers.
[51] Call to remembrance what acts our fathers did in their time; so shall ye receive great honour and an everlasting name.
[52] Was not Abraham found faithful in temptation, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness?
[53] Joseph in the time of his distress kept the commandment and was made lord of Egypt.
[54] Phinees our father in being zealous and fervent obtained the covenant of an everlasting priesthood.
[55] Jesus for fulfilling the word was made a judge in Israel.
[56] Caleb for bearing witness before the congregation received the heritage of the land.
[57] David for being merciful possessed the throne of an everlasting kingdom.
[58] Elias for being zealous and fervent for the law was taken up into heaven.
[59] Ananias, Azarias, and Misael, by believing were saved out of the flame.
[60] Daniel for his innocency was delivered from the mouth of lions.
[61] And thus consider ye throughout all ages, that none that put their trust in him shall be overcome.
[62] Fear not then the words of a sinful man: for his glory shall be dung and worms.
[63] To day he shall be lifted up and to morrow he shall not be found, because he is returned into his dust, and his thought is come to nothing.
[64] Wherefore, ye my sons, be valiant and shew yourselves men in the behalf of the law; for by it shall ye obtain glory.
[65] And behold, I know that your brother Simon is a man of counsel, give ear unto him alway: he shall be a father unto you.
[66] As for Judas Maccabeus, he hath been mighty and strong, even from his youth up: let him be your captain, and fight the battle of the people.
[67] Take also unto you all those that observe the law, and avenge ye the wrong of your people.
[68] Recompense fully the heathen, and take heed to the commandments of the law.
[69] So he blessed them, and was gathered to his fathers.
[70] And he died in the hundred forty and sixth year, and his sons buried him in the sepulchres of his fathers at Modin, and all Israel made great lamentation for him.
[4:9] Remember how our fathers were delivered in the Red sea, when Pharaoh pursued them with an army.
[24] After this they went home, and sung a song of thanksgiving, and praised the
L-rd in heaven: because it is good, because his mercy endureth forever.
[4:11] - For all people, even their torturers, marveled at their courage and endurance, and they became the cause of the downfall of tyranny over their nation. By their endurance they conquered the tyrant, and thus their native land was purified through them.

Prayer Warriors Gathering

You have a window of opportunity to step up to the plate and bend your knees in prayer for your nation to turn back to G-d's ways.
If people of faith would humble themselves and pray I will heal their land!
You wrestle not against flesh and blood but the powers and principalities who have corrupted My world.
Have I not told you 'Greater is He that is in you then he that is in the world.''
Why do you sit back and do nothing? Isn't My cause worth fighting for?
It only took one woman to pull down My Word and My Laws. Where were My people of faith to allow that to happen? You have a voice, situations can be created or avoided for the majority will win. Keep running the race, don't back down, become on of the majority.
Prayer Warriors use you voice, stand and be counted. You can make a difference!
I'm giving you this window of opportunity to turn your nation around. I have already sent believers to counsel one that have not followed Me, deaf ears are being open.
Windows of opportunity are only open for a season - don't miss this opportunity to pray for those running the nation. Little voices can make a difference.
Remember I AM the vine - you are the branches. You believe I can do anything but I ask you do you believe in yourself? If you are in Me and I am in you then believe this is your time to come into the fullness of the calling I have placed on you. I have called all to be praying warriors, stand in the gap.
You may think you are different and don't fit in - I have come to tell you - YOU ARE! And being different isn't a bad thing - not fitting in to the 'normal churches'. I set meat eaters aside to become warriors that are willing to fight for the Kingdom sake.                                                                                           Many will judge you for 'no one' is perfect, babies do not know that I am the only one that sits in the judgment seat.
Babies suck off the milk of the Word. My warriors have chewed the meat and have been set aside to spend time with Me, in fellowship, and My Word. If My people spent as much time with Me as they do their cell phones, I would have more warriors. Pray for them to get the hunger to advance, that my army will grow into maturity. They are falling asleep to what really matters. Read Acts 20:9
'And there sat in a window a certain young man named Eutychus, being fallen into a deep sleep: and as Paul was long preaching, he sunk down with sleep, and fell down from the third loft, and was taken up dead.' Wake up before it is too late  Pray for you leader, pray for your nation, pray pray pray. The time is now - stop judging and PRAY.
Look up redemption draweth nigh.


Dear Friend,
We'll stick by you through thick and through thick and through thin. Even in the times you may think We've been separated - that's a lie from the pit of hell!
We are found faithful. And you can't get away from Us, no matter how hard you try or where you go. When We make a promise We keep It!
We told someone else recently that the Son has not set on their lives, even though it may seem like it is might. Same goes for you. Trials and tribulation are for the perfecting of the saints - run the race to the finish line.
There are still things written in your Book left for you to discover. And don't think anything is too small, too insignificant; remember David's five little stones, his beautiful worship to the One and his dancing in his underwear. All those things were part of his book - look what happened.
We promise to be true to you no matter what. We behold your beauty every day and brag about you all the time, for
You are our daughter, made in the Son's image We will never leave you nor forsake you!
Love Papa, Bro and Ruach

The Father search the heart

[Jer. 17:7] Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is.
[(Psalm 34:8; Proverbs 16:20; Isaiah 30:18). Jeremiah first removed the weeds (false trusts), so that there might be room for the good grain.
Truseth in the Father - In the Word of the Father, as the in the Messiah, the essential Word of the Father; Psalm 2:12 who have a spiritual knowledge of Him, and so trust in Him, Psalm 9:10 who have seen the vanity and emptiness of all other objects of trust, there being no salvation in them, only in Him; who take themselves to Him as their only refuge; lay hold, rest, and rely upon Him, as their Savior; commit their all unto Him; trust Him with all their concerns, respecting life and salvation, and with their immortal souls; and expect all from Him, grace here, and glory hereafter: who trust in His person for their acceptance with G-d; in His righteousness for their justification; in His blood for the pardon of their sins; in His fullness for the supply of their wants; in His power for protection and preservation; and in all for eternal life and happiness: and such are blessed persons; for they are in the utmost safety; they are as Mount Zion, which can never be removed; they shall want no good thing, temporal or spiritual, proper for them; they enjoy great peace now, and in the world to come everlasting glory.
Whose hope the Father is; the Word of the Father, as before: the Messiah, who is the Hope of Israel, our hope, and Messiah in us the hope of glory, Jer. 14:8, whose hope is from the Father, of which He is the author and giver; and is a good hope, through His grace; and which has the L-rd Y'Shua HaMashiach for its object; who turn in to Him as prisoners of hope; and lay hold on Him, the hope set before them; and do hope in Him for pardoning mercy, salvation, and eternal life. Blessed mankind! their hope shall not make them ashamed; they shall not be disappointed, Psalm 146:5.]
[8] For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.
[Shall not see - that is, feel. Answering to Jer.17:6; whereas the unbelievers “shall not see (even) when good cometh,” the believer “shall not see (so as to be overwhelmed by it even) when heat (fiery trial) cometh.” Trials shall come upon him as on all, nay, upon him especially (Hebrews 12:6); but he shall not sink under them, because the L-rd is his secret strength, just as the “roots spread out by a river” draw hidden support from it (2 Corinthians 4:8-11).]
[10] I the Father search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.

Gentle Breeze

Sometimes in life we get so busy we don't take the time to feel G-d's gentle breeze blowing over us.
G-d's Holy Spirit sweeps over His people to restore them and renew their strength so they can reflect Him.
Do not despise small beginnings for all things in life work out for those who wait upon the L-rd.
As we pass through this life we must learn to respond to His gentle guidance, following His footsteps though His Words of instructions.
Producing small waves of love and dedication can turn into big waves of revival while walking in His presence.
We must renew our minds daily for greater is He that is in us then he that is in the world.

Rocking Chair

When I am lonely, and there is nothing to console me, He just takes me in His arms and holds me ever so tightly in that rocking chair in the sky.
Our tears flow down like rain drops, as He bends to kisses the tears from our eyes - ever so gently until the fears subsides.
Humming ever so softly, He pulls me forward out of the dangers that laid behind me, to my real purpose in life. Reassuring  me that He is always walking by my side, promising to never leave me nor forsake me, for I am meant to be His bride.
Sometimes we need to pause to enjoy the beauty of His creation. Everything that has breath praises Him. Serenity takes over when your looking throw His eyes. Look beyond what you see into the realm of heaven, and you find your real purpose in life is just to serve and worship Him! Peace, joy and happiness is not only in heaven but we are to walk in it daily also while earthy abound.  Remember we are only passing thru, this is not our eternal home, we are working towards heaven bound.
As we pass through the different seasons of this life, new experiences come a float. Our bodies grow weak and tired, which gives us more time to seek Him and stand in the gap for a friend. 
That heavenly rocking chair is always waiting, for those that need reassured of His love and His touch. Won't you come take your turn and try it out? The Father say's "I am waiting for you, to hold you in My arms."

Misconceptions about Jesus Christ’s birth?

The typical story we hear repeated is:
“It’s about 2000 years ago, the evening of December 25. Mary rides into Bethlehem on a donkey, urgently needing to deliver her baby. Although it’s an emergency, all the innkeepers turn them away. So they deliver baby Jesus in a stable. Then angels sing to the shepherds. Afterwards, they all join three kings with camels in worshiping the quiet, newborn.” The problem is, this story may be almost entirely wrong. The events surrounding the birth have been retold so many times and in so many ways—in plays, poetry, books and movies—that most people have a distorted view of the true events. The only accurate record is found in the Holy Bible, God’s Word.
Did Mary ride a donkey to Bethlehem? Perhaps, but there are various other possibilities. The Bible doesn’t say how she got to Bethlehem. It only says that she came with Joseph.                                 Did Mary arrive in Bethlehem the night she gave birth? The Bible does not suggest this. They could have arrived weeks earlier. God’s Word simply states, “while they were there [in Bethlehem], the days were accomplished that she should be delivered” (Luke 2:6). Arriving in town well before her due date would make more sense.                                                                                                 Did Joseph or Mary talk to any innkeepers? Perhaps, but there is no solid, biblical reason to believe that they did. Although innkeepers play a prominent part in many Christmas plays, no innkeeper is actually mentioned in the biblical record of Christ’s birth. Furthermore, it is likely that Mary and Joseph actually stayed in a house with relatives, not behind some kind of Bible-times hotel.                                                                                                                                                          Was Jesus born in a stable? Or a barn? Or a cave? The Bible does not mention any of these three places in connection with Christ’s birth, only a manger. Scripture simply reports that they laid Jesus in a manger because there was no room for him in the guest room. The Greek word used in Scripture is kataluma, and can mean guest chamber, lodging place or inn. The only other time this word was used in the New Testament, it means a furnished, large, upper story room within a private house. It is translated guest chamber, not inn (Mark 14:14-15). According to our Bible archaeology experts, Jesus was probably born in the house of relatives, but outside (under) the normal living and guest quarters. (Learn more: Was Jesus born in a stable? / What is a manger? / What is an inn
“Away in a manger the baby awakes, but little Lord Jesus, no crying he makes.”        Although this is part of a beautiful song, we cannot be sure that Jesus did not cry. The Bible does not report this.
Did angels sing to the shepherds outside of Bethlehem? Perhaps, but the Bible doesn’t specifically say that the angels sang. It says that first an angel appeared and spoke, and then appeared “a multitude of the heavenly host praising God” (Luke 2:13).
Were angels present at the birth? It seems logical to assume that they were, however, Scripture does not report it, and there is no evidence that angels were visible to Mary and Joseph at this time.
Did three kings riding camels come to Jesus’ birth? The Bible does not say that any kings or camels visited young Jesus.
It does report wise men (“magi”) came, but it does not say how many. None of the early Church Fathers, suggested the magi were kings. Since the word “magi” used in the Bible is plural, there were apparently at least two, and there could have been more—even several more. The Bible simply mentions three costly gifts they presented—gold, frankincense and myrrh, but this does not necessarily indicate the number of magi. There is also no proof of what country these men came from.
Also, the wise men clearly did not visit Jesus when he was still lying in the manger, as is commonly shown on greeting cards and in plays. The magi did not arrive until sometime after Christ’s presentation in the Temple in Jerusalem (Luke 2:22-39).
At this time, Scripture calls Jesus a “child,” not a “baby.” It is possible that little Jesus was walking and talking by then. Based on the calculations of King Herod and the magi (Matthew 2:16), Jesus could been two years old or under.
Was Jesus born on December 25, or in December at all? Although it’s not impossible, it seems unlikely. The Bible does not specify a date or month. One problem with December is that it would be unusual for shepherds to be “abiding in the field” at this cold time of year when fields were unproductive. The normal practice was to keep the flocks in the fields from Spring to Autumn. Also, winter would likely be an especially difficult time for pregnant Mary to travel the long distance from Nazareth to Bethlehem (70 miles). “A more probable time would be late September, the time of the annual Feast of Tabernacles, when such travel was commonly accepted. Thus, it is rather commonly believed (though not certain) that Jesus’ birth was around the last of September. The conception of Christ, however, may have taken place in late December of the previous year. Our Christmas celebration may well be recognized as an honored observation of the incarnation of ‘the Word made flesh’ (John 1:14).”
“…The probability is that this mighty angel, leading the heavenly host in their praises, was Michael the archangel; this occasion was later commemorated by the early church as Michaelmas (‘Michael sent’), on September 29, the same as the date of the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles. It would have at least been appropriate for Christ to have been born on such a date, for it was at His birth that ‘the Word was made flesh and dwelt (literally tabernacled) among us’ (John 1:14).
The date was chosen by the Roman Catholic Church. Because Rome dominated most of the “Christian” world for centuries, the date became tradition throughout most of Christendom. The Church wished to replace the pagan festival with a Christian holy day (holiday).
Study to show thyself approved, 2 Tim. 2:15 Don’t just take a preacher’s word for anything, look it up yourself/

World of Doing

The lesson for the current world is profound. Each of us has been given authority and dominion – a kingship. The divine will need human beings to bring to fruition the divine desire. Two spirits are seeking to undermine humanity. One is the Spirit of Truth, the other the Spirit of Error. The conscience of the mind is caught between the two, choosing per its own inclination.
In the final analysis, anything that impedes us, that inhibits the expression of our spiritual nature, from substance abuse to lustful foibles, also impedes G-d. Choice is an awesome gift in the World of Doing; we must use it wisely.
A person who is true doesn’t desire gold and never deceives anyone else, doesn’t live on a fancy diet, and doesn’t need fine clothing. Such a person doesn’t make plans for life, but waits on the divine will. The spirit of Error has no power over such a person.
When a situation is going well, ride the wave. When things are going badly, withdraw is another form of action. The flip side of withdraw is engagement.
We can learn from the Good Book that is full of examples of other people’s life’s:
Reuben – Desire         Zebulun – Mercy and Compassion
Simeon – Jealousy      Dan – Anger
Levi – Arrogance        Naphtali – Orderliness
Judah – Courage         Gad – Hatred
Issachar – Simplicity  Asher – Single-mindedness and Duplicity
Joseph – Chastity        Benjamin – Imitation of Goodness
The person who has wishes seeks possibilities; the person who has no wishes seeks only explanations. The world of faith should never have become a closed system, shut off from all inconsistent ideas, but an open book, intimately approachable, hiding nothing. The principles are simple, and the possibilities they present are awesome:
Know who you are, be true to yourself and the divine image that is in you. Cultivate a ‘G-d’s eye view of your world, a higher perspective that will help you make the right choices.
Reach out genuinely with your feelings, and dare to do great things.
It is all about the desire to be something greater than what we already are, and it is that upward motion that makes us fully spiritual, and fully human. The accumulation of ‘stuff’ never satisfies.
Don’t bemoan you ‘fallen’ condition; embrace knowledge, accept the reality of pain, and experience divine compassion.
We are all ‘light-bearers’. Know that the things you seek have been in you all along.
Believe in your own goodness and purity, whatever hellish experiences you encounter.
Organized knowledge and organized life, and calm will appear during any storm.
Accept the fact that nothing is permanent. Seize the day! Don’t surrender to doubt or despair. Become aware of the larger pattern, and of fate. Don’t just do something; sit there!
You are not a mere copy of the divine image; you are that image. Recognize the divine fullness in yourself, others, and in the natural world around you. There’s a hero hiding in each of us.  
Become a ‘ring-bearer,’ channeling the negativity of life situations in positive directions.
Let hope energize love and actualize deeds as you move in consonance with your feelings.
Discover the ‘momentum’ in any situation. Stop. Think. Observe. Plan.
Imitate the virtues and shun the vices of previous generations.
Let your pain be transformed into the building blocks of character.

Living Will

We need to teach the next generation of children from fay one that they are responsible for their lives. Mankind’s greatest gift, also its greatest curse, is that we have free choice. We can make our choices built from love or from fear. They who are the road of independence must have a code that they can live by. And so, become yourself, because the past is just a goodbye.
It is all about teaching our children and teaching them well – perhaps the most important task in all life. It is often said that the words spoken on the deathbed of a parent or love one remain forever with those who must go on. Every single breath is not one that we take but one that is given. The art of breathing, life itself, is a gift from above. Dying, rather than a grim veil, shrouding us in sadness, may be conceived as G-d’s last kiss, the moment when the breath of life is retrieved by the One who dispatched it, on load.
Isa. 28:10 ‘principle upon principle, line upon line’.
If you get angry, don’t allow words of slander to come from your mouth.
Never boast with pride.
Don’t speak with vulgar language.
Keep your body pure; treat it right, as though it is a holy temple, making sure that you are clean and hygienic.
Treat your speech seriously, not as sport.
Neve desire things that don’t belong to you.
Make sure you are pure and undefiled before approaching the altar.
Keep your thought separate from the rest of the world.
Think of yourselves as constantly in in the Eternal’s presence, at the altar.
Don’t just make offerings, but make peace among all people.
Don’t kill with the tongue (the corollary of killing with the sword).
Don’t remain angry till sunset.
Don’t accept too much praise.
Don’t rejoice at your enemies’ downfall.
Do what you already know is the right thing.
Do not let circumstances control your live, but control the circumstances.
The secret of making a better world comes from the inside out. Person by person, heart by heart.
In the Bible, it says, ‘Go ye!’ nowhere does it say ‘Come back.’
Stand up for right, even when the judges are wrong, how insight can triumph over institutions.
G-d is indeed the only true judge, enthroned above any human magistrate. It is G-d who judges the judges, therefor one must turn to G-d for guidance, who in turn are impotent before the Divine Presence.
The lesson of life - and the secret – is simple: Get out of yourself for a change. Take notice of situations of human need around every corner, all the time.  
Stop, observe, and act. Always ask what you can do to make a difference. ‘Ride the good wave,’ and the rest will be history.
Align yourself with natural forces in a situation, you take advantage of the unseen force in the universe. The race of life is not won by the speedy, nor the battle by the mighty …for the time and misfortune befall everyone. When you do decide to act, bide your time, wait for your chance. Know that the perfect moment of action will come.
One can find any and all situations in the Bible – check out what He has to say. He is your Guide through life and His is the last word, for He is the true Judge.