Easily Offended

“In the last days people will be easily offended. Words get twisted and turn around; family’s fighting from within; squabbling amongst friends.
There is a shaking going on and the wolves in sheep’s clothing will be reviled; deception is the strong hold.
This is a time to stand steadfast and keep your eyes on Me. Do not be blown by every doctrine around. Do not allow offenses to penetrate and break your skin. Keep every thought captive and deception at the door.
Yes, peace is better than war, but a Holy War will be inedible. I need solders that will go the distance from the beginning to the end.
Shed off past failures, offences and wounds; for I need you free to concentrate on Me – Consecrate your body and soul to Me for there are important things coming in the horizon.
It is the adversary that tries to keep your eye focus on the here and now, distracting you from what is really important, deception at its best.
Judge not another’s walk but stand in the gap for your family and friends. Love will cover multitudes of sins.
Changes are coming – be strong – be ready – do not worry about yesterday for sufficing is today and tomorrow has not come – focus on Me I say.”

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