Franklin Reality Model

All humans have four basic categories of needs: A person's system of beliefs constitutes that person's philosophy. Any guiding principle that provides a sense of certainty about meaning and direction in life meets the definition of a belief. Beliefs act as a person's prearranged, organized filters to his perceptions of the world. Humans form beliefs early in their lives because they are necessary for human survival. People make observations and draw conclusions that should serve them later.
Any unhealthy addictions like overeating, drinking, or smoking, that people develop as any behavior that produces short-term pleasure at the expense of long-term pain to the addict or those around the addict. Rules about what his Behavior should be in a given situation and act accordingly. He then observes the Results he produces and the Feedback given to his brain, which must determine whether the belief satisfied the believer's fundamental Needs. If the answer is "Yes," the belief gets reinforced. Otherwise, the belief erodes.
One of the natural laws this model reveals states that results take time to measure. History offers lessons to those willing to learn them. Placing widely practiced principles of the past onto the Belief Window of the Reality Model and then testing them intellectually provide instant lessons and insight into how ideas and philosophy influence history. Likewise, one can test one's Governing Values to learn whether they affirm or deny one's own unique Needs as a human being over time.
Four basic needs are to live (survival), to love and be loved, to experience variety, and to feel important.

Love/be loved
Feel important > Core intentions > Actions > Results

To meet your basic need each day it has to pass through your core intentions.
Example: my need today, is to feel important to the Father in being used for His work and my intention is to pass on what I learn.
Now what action or behavior would I do to accomplish this? Take the time to do the research that I can pass on the knowledge.
After my actions comes the result over a period of time. Did you receive the information and understand it? If not maybe I need to reexamine my actions, or maybe I have to change my core intention, or rethink what my basic need was, to get my basic need meet.
One can use this model for self, or use it to understand another’s need and take the steps to help them to meet it.

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